TexKrete is focused on Protecting, Repairing and Designing concrete. We use the full line of products from The Concrete Protector, and we are officially trained and certified to install their products. Concrete Design is our specialty, and 100% customer Satisfaction is our goal.

We can turn any boring, grey, damaged concrete floor into a beautiful, eye-popping work of art. Not only does a Decorative Concrete floor look good, but it also resists staining and is easy to clean. Even more importantly, it prevents your concrete from absorbing moisture. This means no more popping, pitting, or broken concrete to repair or replace.

Superior Concrete Coatings Products
TexKrete uses only superior products which are engineered to provide outstanding impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance. Although these coatings are used for industrial and commercial applications, they are the same products we use for residential installations as well. You can feel confident they will stand up to the heaviest of traffic.

Garages, pool decks, basements, patios, driveways, offices, warehouses, schools… Virtually any concrete surface. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial flooring; TexKrete will amaze you! We have thousands of patterns and designs, and offer Faux Hardwood, Metallic Marble, Tuscan Slate, Grand Flagstone, Tile, Flakes, Quartz, Slate, and Wash and Seal designs.

TexKrete is locally owned and operated. When you choose TexKrete you are getting the latest in modern coatings technology. We use the finest raw materials available. Our products will outperform any home center or paint store brands in every significant performance category. Our products produce superior results often with less work for less cost.

We are committed to quality, performance, and value. Let TexKrete review your coating needs and suggest the best solution for you. We look forward to providing outstanding service and support to all of our valuable customers.

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1 Review for Texkrete Decorative Concrete – Texas

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Poor performance

1/ 5

Hire Texkrete to do a pool deck two weeks ago for a wedding reception and these guys (Thomas Valenzuela and team) totally did a terrible job, didn’t use tape at all to cover areas were they didn’t supposed to epoxy coat. Never show up when they said they will. Charge me $7,890.00 for 1,000 sqft pay them 50% on time when they wanted to (Irving sales guy) and there performance was very poor, the hole deck was cover in bubbles they broke all plastic joints send one guy(Manuel) work there from 6pm to 9:00 pm send him again next morning to keep fixing I told Thomas I was not going to let anyone work their until he show up to site after previous day requesting his advice with his own eyes and look the situation calls his employee and instructed to leave the site. It has been two weeks and never heard anything not even a call from him a real Owner and leader does not run away from jobs with money all ready paid to him. Least thing they can do is reimburse the amount (50%).

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