Looking for options to decorate, protect or repair that concrete garage floor, patio, driveway, pool deck or another concrete surface in your home or business? Or how about some basement waterproofing that is durable and will last for years to come? We are here to help!

Justin, Cara, and their 3 kids live on a piece of land in Kansas City, KS. They have 2 vizslas, Sally and Harry that love roaming the countryside. Justin was a science teacher and coach for many years. He worked in landscaping, home remodeling, and house flipping before starting Anthem Concrete Coatings with Nate.

Nate is the other half of the dynamic duo that is Anthem Concrete Coatings. For 15 years he taught elementary school in Gardner, Kansas where he lives with his wife and son. Nate enjoys watching hockey, hunting, camping, and making concrete surfaces beautiful. From Nate: Feel free to embellish or tone down whatever you see fit in that madness!